Short Hair. Don't Care.

Joanna joined me in the short hair world last month. 

I thought it might be coming.. the girl talks about short hair in her sleep.   For instance, when I cut mine off she cried because she was so excited. Could have been the pregnancy hormones but I like to think she just thought I looked real fly. 

So without further adieu.. here is Joanna's new do. Starting trends nearest you. Thank you Joanna, for proving "mom haircuts" can be the best and trendiest ones of all!



Yes. I cut it all off.

Why? No particular reason. Just always wanted to, plus my husband mentioned short hair a couple times. Oh, and Theo kept pulling my hair so I decided to cut it out of reach :) My inspiration behind it was a mixture of two styles: messy with texture and sleek tucked behind my ears. I wear it both ways and its awesome!

Mainly because it takes me 2 seconds. People ask me how I had the guts to cut off a foot of hair, basically it was just not caring how it would turn out!  I honestly didn't. I just wanted a fresh start and practicality. Sure, I thought about the possibility of it not looking decent, but this really would be the time in my life to try new things like this. So I went for it! No regrets! And I love it. I'm still exploring ways to style it. So once I get it down, we'll share our favorite short hair go to do's!

— Joanna