How To — Low Bun

We hope you all had a peaceful Thanksgiving week, full of laughter, family and unbuttoned pants. We sure did! Are you glad that we are officially 25 days away from CHRISTMAS?! WE ARE! It makes this Monday a lot more exciting. Talking about Monday, how bout you try this casual second day hair bun for your turkey hangover? (Before we continue to the instructions, we have some VERY exciting news to share this month! So stay tuned, we are over the moon excited! and no, no... one of us is NOT pregnant :) 


  1. Start with a wavy hair texture and tease crown. 
  2. Pin into a half up half down, making sure to have volume in the crown. Take sections by your ears and cross them over each other in the back.
  3. Only the section of hair at your nape should be left out at this point. Tease all the hair left making it as big and messy as you can. 
  4. Roll this big mass of hair up into a roll and pin. Do not be afraid to be messy with it! 
  5. Pair with a big sweater or a flirty dress and enjoy! 

To get a better visual, we have a little video that our talented friends Kinora Films made that can help with the prep and outcome!