Runway Inspired Looks — Low, Loose Bun

You know that feeling when the days just slip right past you?

The days that come and go and feel like they were 2 weeks ago, but really they were just 2 days ago? I think what i'm describing is "busy". You guys busy? On the fashion runways we see all the looks that set the trends, and it seems like 2015 is doing a lot of...."loose" looks. Also known as what we like to describe as "i'm too lazy to put effort in my hair".  Thankfully, this will be perfect for us busy girls that don't have time for putting effort in our hair! So here you go ladies, the perfect "busy" hair style for your busy days, straight from the runway! 

Directions: Tie a knot and pin. Yay! 

This style is NOT for:

Moms With Babies That Have Hands 

You will work hard to get those perfectly loose whispys around your face, but your baby will not think you did the best job and will try to help you by pulling them out more. Which will just ruin your perfectly pulled out whispys that you had to hairspray in place and will probably pull out that loose bun you took forever to make look "effortless." 

If You Will Be Going Outside

The wind is not your friend.

Animal owners

If you have dogs, they will lick your face. There is a chance their tounge will catch a whispy and stick it across your face. If you have cats, they will think its a string on a stick and attack your face. Bird owners, the back of this style resembles a little birds nest. Considering this also requires a good bit of tease and dirty hair, they may make your hair a home. 

Lipgloss Wearers 

Well, you guys are screwed with any hair style. But this, this is not for you. For obvious reasons. But for the sake of making sure, i'll tell you anyways: Your lips will be a magnet for those whispys. A very annoying strong magnet that no matter how hard you try, you will not win. Even if you were in space where there is no wind to ruin your day, somehow, that hair will find its way towards that lipgloss. They are like passionate lovers that can't be separated. 

This style is for :

Runway Model

If all you're doing that day is walk up and down a runway, this is the perfect look for you.

The Model We Used For This Exact Shoot

If your name is Sarah and you have long beautiful red hair posing for a shoot. This will absolutely without a doubt work for you.