Simple Braided Half Pinned Up


  1. Grab a section of hair above the ear.
  2. Start braiding with your choice of braiding technic. Here we did started with a regular three strand braid, then it turned into a fishtail. 
  3. Continue braiding until you reach the ends.
  4. Lock in the hair into the bobby pin
  5. Repeat on opposite side.
  6. Pin one side underneath the starting point of the opposite braid. 
  7. Now repeat the other side, intertwining the braids as you cross it over.
  8. Pin and spray. Pull out your bangs or baby hair around face to create a looser, bohemian look.

We already said this on our instagram, but we sure do love red heads! If you walk by us, and have beautiful red hair, expect to be asked to be used as one of our mannequins. Not in a creepy way of course. Just in an obsessive way. Duh.