Bridal Looks for the Unordinary Bride

A top knot, messy pony or disheveled side bun are a few of the options we came up with for the non traditional bride. We see these looks for the bride that is having a downtown wedding! Slightly modern and simple. Maybe even a courthouse elopement! 

All of these looks are created by a prepping the hair with texture and a whole 'lotta teasing!  No need for the curling irons or straighteners for these looks. All you need out of your tool bag is a comb and brush for teasing!
The Top Knot is placed up in a pony with a tie and then the tail is teased. Once its the size of the second photo (the messy pony) we started wrapping it around the tie, creating a large bun.  The Messy Pony is started the same, except once its teased we grabbed a small piece from underneath the tail and wrapped it around the tie. This is to hide the tie and finish the look. The Disheveled Side Bun was created by teasing around crown and ends. Then we gathered from ear to ear loosely and pinned towards one side. We then added the headband, tied and pinned it. With the left over hair we started pinning over the previous sections by twisting and pinning at random. 

Top Knot and Messy Pony / Dress: Prato Romper; Earrings: CasaBlanca Earrings Disheveled Side Bun / Dress: Barletta Dress; Comparable Headband: Pearl-Petal Halo; Earrings: Harper Studs

These looks are from our BHLDN for Anthropologie series.