Short Hair World

We're both in the middle of growing out our pixies/short bobs and we can all agree, that can be a little frustrating.

That disheartening awkward stage is taking its place, but we're trying to make the best of it! We find, that wearing it messy and textured helps with the length or bulk that may have grown in. You can see in both options; one has straight hair but movable and the other has wave and grit. Its getting long enough to even pin it half up if we wanted to! We have two options: we can go in and get a "trim" (which translates to not cutting length, but cutting out weight) or toughing out the awkward stage and rolling with it. Which means we gotta get creative... 

Right now, this is about the most we do with this length. As it gets longer, we'll be able to add more styles to the archives! We'll check in when we're ready to show more options. 

If you're in the same process of growing out your hair, don't give up! There are ways to achieve it, promise :)