An Air Dry Style

Recently we have realized the unappreciated art of air drying hair.

Bumble and Bumble just came out with a magic potion called "Don't Blow It"  and it's one of our favorite products! You literally don't blow dry your hair. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, We don't know what will.

So how do you do it?  It depends on your texture, but our favorite way is to apply the night before. You can even apply the morning before a big night! This product is also perfect for those days you are running late and need a style for on the go! 

Here is a quick tutorial that should solve all of the worlds problems (well at least first world problems). Just pop this do in and rock it until your hair is dry, then take it down and BAM! — beautiful soft waves.

Well, at least that's the idea. 


  1. Grab a U-shaped section at the crown of your head and two side sections by your ears.
  2. Braid these three sections as upward as possible in a simple three-strand braid. (Place bobby pin at the ends if you feel like it might unravel.)
  3. At the back of your head grab a middle section and your two additional bottom corner sections.
  4. Braid these three sections as upward as possible in a simple three-strand braid.
  5. Now, take your two braids and hold them together at the top of your head.
  6. Wrap hair into a bun and pin or pony tail around knot. 
  7. Pull down any loose pieces and bangs and spray with a light hold hair spray.

Tip: Holding these braids upward as you braid will allow more volume at your crown as your hair air dries. Also, braids bring out texture and wave. These braids should give you a nice consistent texture. 

Make sure not to take down your braided top knot until it is FULLY dry. 

We're idiots and forgot to get an after shot of what the texture will do when you let your hair down after a long day. But at least we gave you something to do with your wet hair when you're lazy.  

If you try it, tag us on IG and we may just feature your post on the blog! 


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