Bridal Essentials

Joanna and I love doing weddings. We get to come in at a very special moment in the day when things are still calm and everything is just beginning to roar up. The best part of this process to me is seeing the bride go from a glowing all natural look surrounded by people she loves to her beaming beautiful bridal look intended for "the one". To me this is such an iconic moment. So to kick of this wedding season, we decided to make a list... a list of things that we thought help bring that inward glow full circle.

1. Lips and Hands: Mary Kay Satin Lip Set and Hand Mask

These guys are some of our favorites. Especially the lip mask. It literally removes all of the dead skin off of your lips and makes them feel as soft as baby lips. No one wants crusty lips for your first kiss as husband and wife.

The hand mask is the same in that it removes all of that dead skin and soothes chapped hands. This is amazing for the dry and colder months!

2. Worry Free: Emergency Kit

This one is more of a mental thing. Take the pressure off by knowing that you have a emergency kit with you. Rather you make one yourself using a pre-made one as a template or just order a cute one like this off etsy! Its nice to know you are A-ok if the unthinkable happens.

3. Skin: "Glowing Skin"

This is a good one. Don't match the color of your dress like I did. I embraced the pale and don't fully regret it but it would have been nice to have a little glow to my skin. We have heard and seen wonderful things about the body glows that they offer at local tanning places. This just applies a light tone to the skin rather that changing how dark your skin is. It leaves for beautiful results!

4. Upper lip and the brows: Waxing and care

DO IT! We see this being an issue more than most of the others. Either someone gets it done to close to the wedding days and have wax strip eyebrows or they completely forget and have caterpillar brows that we pluck away. We recommend getting your brows/lip done 10-14 days prior. This gives you a window of time in case you have a bumpy reaction or you look like someone slapped your eyebrows for 40 minutes.

This allows the make up to go on so much smoother the day of as well.(Especially on your lip) Giving a flawless look!

If your in need of a place to go and live in Birmingham, AL come by Morgan Ashley Salon. My lovely coworkers or I can be of a helping hand.

5. Teeth Whitening: Smile Brilliant

Well, first off with mostly white being your color for the day. One must consider what your teethies are looking like in comparison. We found a product that does at home professional whitening and decided to give it a try for a little experiment. Smile Brilliant provides lab direct, custom fitted whitening trays and whitening gel straight to your home at an affordable cost. This can knock out a $600+ trip to the dentist saving you money for your big day!

Here is our little review of Smile Brilliant:

(I drooled.)

Were the results noticeable? 

My teeth were noticeably whiter in two (2 hour) applications. It was the quickest results I have ever had with teeth whitening.

Was there any teeth sensitivity?

After one application my teeth felt really cold afterwords and my gums were a little tender. I had left the tray in for about 3 hours which was a bit longer than usual. However, you can leave the whitening gel on for as long as you prefer (you do not have to go that long) and there is sensitivity gel you can use before and after application if your teeth are especially sensitive to whitening. That day I ended up using the sensitivity gel and it knocked out any tenderness and calmed my sensitive teeth! Here is a little article about tooth sensitivity also!

This sounds intimidating, were the directions easy to follow?

If I can do it you can do it! I was real nervous about making the impression of my teeth but the directions were very clear and they give you extra molding in case you mess up! I ended up doing a really good job. Thank goodness! They give you three or four instruction manuals with pictures! Since I am a visual learner.. that helped me a ton! 

I give five stars! I totally recommend this to anyone whitening there teeth! I am thrilled with the results! My teeth are much whiter and I don't have to constantly apply stuff to them. Once you have the whiteness you like, then you are done for awhile! The only thing I would say is that for best results its best to leave them in for a few of hours. So you do have to commit sometime to them but since the trays are fitted specifically for you they are very comfortable! I hardly noticed I had them in! 

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