Knot Your Average Braid

Would you believe us if you we told you that this Up-Do is all knots?

When we both first started getting into hair, french braiding was one of the staples we really wanted to tackle down. However, it can be very difficult to french braid your OWN hair. We, thankfully have mastered the french braid, but not all are so lucky. So we thought we'd share this french braid hack! Pretty much on accident we found a way to make knots look like a braid. This would be a great look for a night out with friends or a flirty engagement session! 


  1. Grab two small pieces of hair at the top of your part. tie in a knot. This is your starting knot.

  2. Still holding the two strands from the knot you just made, borrow two more pieces of hair underneath the knot. (look at first photo- see how there is now four pieces in your hand? (Think of french braiding, this is actually much easier that french braiding once you get the hang out it!) 

  3. Combine the four pieces into two. Now you should have two bigger chunks of hair in your hand. 

  4. Make next knot with those two pieces. Continue knotting with steps 2 and 3 until you get to the nape, then pin with bobby pin. (Letting the remainder hair fall.)

  5. Repeat steps 1-4 on opposite side of part.

Once you have both sides knotted, you'll have left over tails. With these tails, grab little sections knotting and pinning repeatedly in a bun shape. It is okay to pin knots on top of knots.. the messier the better! After you have pinned all hair up with your knotting technique, pin and secure. Now grab your hair spray and give it a quick run over, adjusting baby hairs as needed!

Side Note: If you are worried about tangling or this not coming out easily... don't be! Try grabbing sections that are good in size, the smaller the section the more the knot will tangle and leave it a bit awkward looking. Also, if you want to run a bit of oil over your hair, try Moroccan Oil or Hairdresser's Invisible Oil. That will help make it a little more slick and easier to tame the hairs you may see popping out while you knot!