5 Steps for New Moms

I may or may not be using "being a mom" as an excuse to be a little lazy about my grooming. But in all honesty, it is really hard to "jump in the shower" or get dressed when you have a baby that hates being put down. So in honor of all the mom's out there, we bring you: 

"A Simple Guide To Looking Decent For Public!"

Step 1

Wipe away yesterdays make up. It helps to not have black eyes and mascara clumps that make your eyes look like you've been doing meth all weekend. 

Step 2

Brush your teeth, maybe? I don't know. This is optional.

Step 3

Throw on a face mask! You know, because you have all that time. A. Go out and get one. B. put it on and not get it on baby's face when you're holding said baby. (Just a tip: don't get cheap forever 21 face mask and put it near your bushy eyebrows. Because mask will act like a wax and take off your eyebrow hair in fury. Molly captured my face in pain well, and Theo not looking impressed)

Step 4

 Brush the nest behind your neck that has taken permanent residence and no matter how often you brush it out, it will always come back. If you don't remember how to do this, take a brush and start from the bottom and work your way up. This is to impress your significant other so they don't think birds live in your hair anymore. 

Step 5

Once you brush your hair we are often left wondering what to do. You can either do the usual and throw your hair up in a bun OR you can get creative and bring back the 90s. Both are acceptable looks to go out in public.

So there you have it, ladies! I hope this helps you on your quest to looking decent for public outings. You're welcome.