Theo's Adventurous Nursery

I finally finished Theo's nursery! Just in time to start sleep training him in his own bed. The bed his dad, grandpa, and I made. The first night he slept 10PM-5AM and the next 7:30PM-6AM! I say it's going pretty well, but I wont hold my breath until he's done with all those teeth. 

As far as the theme/inspiration of the nursery, there wasn't really any. It was more of whatever I love (for instance: african animals and the movie "Out of Africa") My "color palette" was neutral and a "material palette" like wood, jute and iron. I incorporated wood in the big furniture; crib, armoire and changing station. Iron was in the small details, like the hinges and lamp. The jute was the decor like his laundry basket and mobile. The first piece we used to start the nursery was the mobile and rug - they put the esthetic of the room together. 

The main goal was I didn't want it to look like a nursery...I wanted it to flow and feel like a part of the house. I didn't want to 'baby' his room up to much, I wanted him to know me through his room. Everything that I love and am drawn to, is all around him as he sleeps and plays. 

His crib is made out of Ambrosia Maple and detailed with matte gold screws. I loved the idea of his bed being a huge statement piece- which I think we succeeded! Its my favorite part of his room and I hope he has many peaceful dreams in it. 

His rug I bought from a friend, so i'm not sure where its from. But I looked up similar ones


The shelves are from Ikea (we bought two and cut in half). His elephant chair and elephant picture (20 bucks! Score!) are from a local store

His laundry basket is another favorite! You can find here.

The wall basket is from Target (I'm eyeing this one as well) so is the Lamp, although I changed the shade to one I found at an antique store years ago! The leather chair is also from a local antique store.

His woven giraffe was a gift, that I can't help but smile every time I see it. 

The crib curtain fabric is from Hancock fabrics, we found the fabric on sale and bought the last of it! My amazing mom made a perfect fit canopy for the crib! Which by the way, we know eventually it will be a safety issue and we will change once he's up and moving around :) maybe some bunting? Oh the possibilities! 

The unpractical plant is from good ol' Home depot! They got a pretty good selection for house plants (and for a good price!) you just gotta go at the right time to snatch a good one!  The foot lounger (thats what I call them...) was found at a thrift store, as was the changing "table".  The foot lounger's cushion was made by my mom. The armoire was a hand me down from a family member. And the mobile- sadly I bought from a couple I have no information to. (They were selling their handmade items at a farmers market in DC) So I can't tell you where to find one and sadly, I can't buy more! 

So there you have it, Theo's nursery. Simple and fun. I have a few more things (like a swing and a beautiful print) to put up and I'm always adding and rearranging, so when I do I'll update! :)