We're Back!

Hey! hey! hey! hey! hey!

We're back! You miss us? Maybe not, but we are here nonetheless! We are so excited about our new design! We owe this beautiful site to a handful of talented women.

First lady being Mandy Busby who took our photos, she made us feel and look normal while also balancing our totally different skin tones. Both are very difficult tasks. 

The ever so talented illustrator, Sarah Ragan, translated our confusing vision into something better than we could have ever imagined. She eloquently dissected our Irrelephant logo letter by letter, email by email, and text by text. Not to mention she created an abstract elephant drawing that we want desperately as a pet. (We want to put a little leash on him and go on a walk downtown.)


Lastly, the girl who put in endless hours and sent many emails. Cana Grooms worked tirelessly on our site by tolerating our fickle minds. Cana is a different breed and she is as creative as they come. Her work is impeccable. We cannot recommend her enough. Go to her site. Now

Can we just talk about this little guy for a second more...

We shall name him King Phillip. He will be our mascot. Roll Tide. —MoJo

Now go explore our new blog and tell us what you love! Thanks again for reading Irrelephant. We couldn't do this without you!