Knotted Side Pony

Here is an option for all of you with long long hair that need a bit of a change up from the daily pony. Its pretty simple and the end result is pretty, also. 


1. Start with natural texture. Braiding your hair the night before will give you a no frizz wave.

2. Tease the crown just a bit. (spray a bit of dry shampoo, too!) This will help separate the oils if you have oily hair! 

3. Bring the hair to the side and section in two sections.

4. Tie the sections into a knot.

5. Repeat the knot one more knot. 

6. Now tie a small thin hairband under the two knots.

7. Fan open the lower knot a bit over the hairband to hide it. Pin the fanning.

8. Spray and enjoy!