Diffusing Natural Curls

We have had a lot of ladies email us about curls and what to do with them. To help we thought we'd show our curl diffusing technique and ask someone with lots of natural curl some questions about her daily routine! The benefits of diffusing is having a more consistent curl and more (controlled) volume. So give it a try:


  • Having hair wet apply your products. We used Bumble and Bumble Prep, Thickening Spray, and Texture (this one product has a some grit for hold!) All great products! Now Bumble and Bumble has an all new Curl Line you can use that just came out this month! It is amazing! 
  • Next bring out your diffuser. Focus mainly on the roots being careful not to break up your curl. This will build the volume and keep it consistent. Get roots 80% dry before moving on to midshaft or ends. 
  • Now move on to your whole head. NEVER go in from the side of your head this will create frizz. You want to cradle the hair into the basket of the diffuser and almost bounce it. Keep your curls where they naturally want to fall. Finish this step by pointing the blow dryer downwards. This way the air is blowing with the direction of your hair strand instead of against. 
  • Once your about 90% done let the rest dry naturally while you do your make up or fold some laundry! Then perfect the curls around your face with a curling iron taming the curls that tend to frizz. (This is a key move that will help with those pesky hairs around the face)
  • Now, Rock your beautiful mane! 

Whitney, our beautiful model (also, she has a cute blog) was awesome enough to share some insight into the world of her curly hair:

How do you avoid frizz in these humid summer months? 

The two powerful B's. Buns & braids. Especially the days when summer thunderstorm humidity takes over the weather. I don't dare fight that type of humidity and just my hair off my neck! At other times I use a little hair spray and try to keep my hair healthy and conditioned. But I haven't found the magic cure to anti frizz quite yet!

Whats your favorite way to style your hair?

Messy. I've given up on trying to have my hair perfectly curled so I just let it do it's thing. I absolutely love a big ol' messy bun on top of my head with a bunch of wispy curls falling all around my head. And if the event is formal, my go-to is to wear it down and curly and then take a little clip and clip it half way to the side of my neck. It takes a few minutes and looks pretty fancy!

Have you always embraced your natural curl?

Like any girl with curly hair I had my moments where I absolutely hoped and prayed that God would send some kind of new hormone that would leave me with thick, luscious, straight, shiny hair. But once I learned how to take care of my hair, I learned to really love it. I used to fight it and try to straighten it which left me with really unhealthy hair. I'm now at a point where I definitely embrace it!

What products have been your favorite over the years?

Last summer, a girl I worked with suggested that I use 'Rusk Wired'. It has been my ALL time favorite. I usually use that with a tad bit of 'Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray' (such a long name) because I love the way it smells and it enhances my curls a lot. I also cannot live without a wide-toothed comb which I use in the shower once I've saturated my hair in some conditioner.

I'm to the point where I am trying to get comfortable with letting my hair just be naturally big. I always get uncomfortable with it completely down which is why I clip it or put it in a bun a lot but I definitely am working on just being okay with it big and down. Because that isn't fun to fight and who else has so much natural volume? Curly hair really does rock!

Thank you Whitney! We hope that helps answer a few questions for you that are blessed with those luscious locks! Also, as a side note- most of our updo tutorials will work for curly hair folk! In fact, you have a little bit of an advantage because your curls will hide any mistakes! So make sure to try the Messy French Twist or this Braided Fringe tutorial!

[Styled and Photographed by Molly Stilley]