Gold Leaf Your Dogs

Our amazing friend Cana Grooms showed us how to gold leaf the silhouette of our pups! She is currently in the middle of decorating her guest room and wanted to do have a little gold art of her boston terrier! Its pretty simple (just make sure your paper is not heavy textured- we learned the hard way!) But here are a few of our finished product photos of Rocco, Rio, and Goku.

1. Thick or non-absorbent paper of the size you prefer. (Molly did a 8x10, Joanna made a 5x7.)
2. Printed photo of a profile shot of your pup. (Print photo in appropriate size for your paper.)
3. X-Acto knife
4. A packet of gold leaf.
5. Two brushes. One for dabbing the glue and one for tapping. 
6. Gold leaf adhesive
7. Clear finish sealant


  • 1. Start by cutting out the shape of your pups profile. Be careful cutting this area because you want to get the details. 
  • 2. Using cut out, trace your pups profile onto the background. 
  • 3. Brush the adhesive starting from the middle of the face and work yourself outward. Be generous with the adhesive. 
  • 4. Wait until the glue gets sticky and start applying the gold leaf. We placed a whole square of gold leaf over the outline and started patting lightly with a brush.
  • 5. Keep applying until all of outline is covered and pressed. Removing all excess gold leaf. 
  • 6. Lay to dry. 
  • 7. Once dry spray sealant over your work to ensure gold leaf doesn't break off. 
  • 8. Frame and enjoy! 

Added Tips:

The paper we used was textured and proved to be hard to deal with. We suggest a smooth background so the glue grabs the gold leaf with no problem.

If the gold leaf keeps getting stuck to your brush and hand, don't worry- just keep applying. It is a messy project but also very fun! :)