The Double Bun

There are a few things in life that bring us as much joy as fast hairstyles, like this one! Here’s a new look that we absolutely love! It’s quick, easy and the perfect solution for those busy mornings! Not only is it a breeze to whip together, but it instantly makes you look like a million bucks. We love that it is classy and elegant but can also be paired with a weekend at the zoo outfit! 


  • Start with textured hair. Tease crown and nape of neck.
  • Separate into two sections- ear up and ear down. Making sure the two sections are the same density.
  • Form first section into a little bun (teasing from roots to ends helps make bun thicker) Pin.
  • Take lower section and repeat. 
  • Then loosen hair around head and pull hair strands out around entire hair line.
  • Hairspray and enjoy!

Happy hair-doing! 


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