Just One More Day

Want to go JUST ONE more day?
Or maybe you just don't have the time to wash your hair this morning?
You could even not know how to use dry shampoo. This will help! 

Usually on your last day of rocking dirty hair.. it can be tough. Sometimes you just can't hide the oil spill on your head. So here are some tips to keep that hair looking fresh for longer! 

Step 1: Spray or apply your choice of dry shampoo. (Here are two of our favorites: Batiste and Pret-a-Powder) You want to apply about 4 inches away from your scalp so the application doesn't become too thick.

Step 2: Brush or hand massage in the dry shampoo. This is very important! Keep breaking the dry shampoo up until it is dry and has absorbed the oil from your scalp. This blends in the dry shampoo and creates volume back into your hair. Keep massaging until all the white from the product is gone. 

Step 3: Tease that hair! This will hide any leftover oil parts. Plus give you some extra lift...and let's be honest, we all know that oily hair needs some lift. 

Step  4: You are most likely not going to wear your hair straight during your last day of going strong. So we suggest putting it up! The key is to rock it as messy as you can while still looking chic and bohemian. A simple braid can do wonders for some dirty/textured hair.



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