How To: Clay Wall Planters

We pretty much are always obsessed with plants in our home and sometimes we manage to keep them alive. It is always so fascinating to put greenery on your wall, but sometimes wall planters are a bit expensive... So we tried an alternate solution. 

What you will need: 
-Air Dry Clay (We used Stonex - bought at Michaels)
-Paint brush
-Foil or Wax paper

1. Start by laying down your foil or wax paper. Clay can get very sticky when pressed onto a surface. 
2. Cut about a half inch thick piece from your block of clay. (This will be the base of the planter.) 
3. Cut another slice about the same size and start making the second piece thinner by working it out wider with your fingers. (This will be the back of your planter.)
4. Attach back piece and base piece. Molding to your desired shape. Cut a small hole in the back piece for easy hanging. 
5. Mold another slice of clay to be the front of your pot. Shape as desired. Since you can mold this front piece anyway you want.. Feel free to use a cup or bowl to help form a shape. (Put a piece of foil or wax paper between what you choose to mold with and the clay so it doesn't stick.)
6. When connecting all your pieces use the brush and water to help blend in any cracks. Try not to use to much water though. Just enough to soften/smooth the clay. 
7. Allow at least 48 hours to harden. Then plant your plants. hang, and enjoy! 

This is a project that can be as perfect and sleek and you want or as messy and textured as you want. Decided your vision before hand and see it through! Take the basic instructions and have fun with it! Feel free to explore different techniques and shapes.

We would love to see your creations if you try this! Tag us @irrelephantblog and use the hashtag #irrelephantclaypots


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