Knotted Up Do

Joanna and I really like to wear our hair in the easiests ways possible. So a lot of the time we stumble upon little up-do gems in our laziness. Here is one of those examples.. really it is just a series of knots. So for those mornings you need a quick solution .. the knotted up-do shall be your answer!

1. Start with dry hair that is prepped a Surf Spray or texture spray, then loosely curled. 
2. Pin your "volume section". Otherwise known as the crown.
3. Then loosely tie your first not using the two sections of hair that surround your face. Secure this knot with pins.
4. Repeat knots and securing them all the way down until you reach the nape of your neck.
5. Tuck the strands of the last knot under your updo and pin.
6. Pull down pieces of hair around your hairline to make the look more lived-in. Hair spray your up do with Spray de Mode.

Enjoy your lazy hair style that doesn't look lazy at all! 


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