Lavender Lemonade

- 3 cups of sugar
- 10 cups of water (divided)
- 1/2 cup of lavender leaves (roughly chopped)
- 2 cups of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 9-11 lemons
- Ice
- Extra lavender and lemons for garnishing

1. Pour chopped lavender leaves into a pot of simmering water (5 cups). This concoction will be similar to a lavender tea. 
2. Once your lavender concoction comes to a boil, stir it then remove it from the eye of the oven to begin cooling.
3. Meanwhile while the "lavender tea" is steeping, juice/squeeze your lemons.
4. Once the lavender concoction has cooled close to room temperature, use a strainer to separate all the leaves from the water.
5. Pour the lavender concoction into a pitcher with the lemon juice.
6. Next add the last 5 cups of water and add ice, then stir.
7. Add your garnishing, then enjoy your refreshing drink! 

This drink has become a staple for all of parties and get togethers. So refreshing and light. We have even seen a few creative folk adding in some alcohol to give it an extra kick! Hmm. 

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