The Sweet Morning of a Wedding...

The morning of a wedding is in my opinion, is the sweetest time. I remember waking up that morning and being overwhelmed with happiness. Thinking about all the support I had from all of my friends and family. The immense effort they put in in helping decorating, food making, traveling, encouraging, praying and everything in between. I remember crying randomly over the feeling of simply being overwhelmed. The good kind... Just so much to process! 

When we go to the bride to get her ready, we always catch her in a this joyful stance, nothing can ruin her day. She's her best person on this day, surrounded her loved ones. Which makes our job 100% easier and better. There is nothing like coming into this moment with someone and we think of it as such an honor.

This here is a little inspiration for you brides out there. For bridal hair, but mostly for you to take time that morning and truly take it in. Have a small quiet time and reflect on how lovely that very moment is, because nothing compares to being immensely loved.

[Styled and photographed by Joanna Ballentine]