Oh Joy + Irrelephant blog

In honor of Oh Joy launching her new Target line we decided we would put up this oldie! So, we bring you this awesome experience we had with Joy Cho! We had the honor to do a tutorial for her blog that was a actually a valentines inspired up do! Her studio was the most beautiful thing in the world, but Joy herself was one of the sweetest people. Thank you again, Joy! It was truly an amazing experience and congratulations on new things with Target! 

Here is the tutorial: (you can also find it on her blog!)

1. First start by prepping your hair. Any updo stays longer when there's a little grit in your hair using hair spray or texturizing spray. If you have straight hair like I do, curl the hair loosely with a curling iron and then break it up with your hands. This adds texture and volume to start the 'do off on the right foot. 

2. Begin by picking up top crown section of hair (the section that starts around your temple) and tie it with a small clear rubber band or pony tail holder.

3. Flip the pony inside out like a topsy tail! 

4. Next, grab the hair that's left over and tease it with a comb. Grab a one inch section from the left side and pin it over to the right past the pony tail part. Grab one inch of hair from the right side and pin it over to the left past the pony tail and place a bobby pin or two to secure.  

5. Continue and repeat #4 by pinning over another section of hair from the left and right sides and pinning them to secure. 

6. Once the top part is secure, divide the remaining hair at the bottom into two sections. Tease one section and roll it under up into the base of your head and pin until it's secure. Repeat on other side until your updo is complete. Spray with hairspray to set. 

7. To add flowers, snip the stems to a couple inches in length and use bobby pins to secure the flowers in place. You may need some help for this part, or you can feel it as you go, and pin the flowers as you like...the more free-flowing and organic, the better! We chose softer flowers that would also look pretty as they wilted so that you can go a for a day or evening with them on your head.

Have a wonderful weekend folks!